With the coming into force of the Constitution, Hindi became the official language of the Union of India in accordance with Article 343 of the Constitution from January 26, 1950. Section 351 entrusted the Government of India to promote and develop Hindi language so that it could become the medium of expression of all elements of the composite culture of India.

Accordingly, in pursuance of Official Language Act 1963, Official Language Rules 1976 and the directives under them, issued by the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs from time to time, in order to strengthen the implementation of the Official Language Policy in the Council, the staff of the Council are made properly compliant by making them aware of the provisions of the Official Language Act and the orders related to Hindi Training and Official Language, by the Hindi section of the Council. Meetings of Rajbhasha Karyanvyan Samiti are orgainsed from time to time, the agenda and minutes of those meetings are prepared and the action taken on the decisions taken in the meetings are compiled. Quarterly reports and annual assessment reports on the progressive use of Hindi are prepared and contact as well as guidance is being taken from Department of Official Language and the Ministry to promote use of Hindi. Hindi workshops are organized and the council officials are helped in learning Hindi and doing more and more work in Hindi. In addition to the work related to the Protsahan Yojna in force in the Secretariat of the Council, Hindi Pakhwada and Hindi Diwas celebrations are organized.

Besides, the Hindi website of the Council is updated from time to time.

The responsibility of the publication of ‘हिन्दी वार्षिक रिपोर्ट’, quarterly in house journal ‘प्रेस परिषद समीक्षा’ and ‘पत्रकारिता के आचरण के मानक’ is also on Hindi Section.

Hindi Section not only provides Hindi version of Council’s Adjudications and reports adopted by the council but also provides Hindi version of PRAB orders, Press Releases issued by the Council and important documents like Parliament Questions, Reconstitution of the Council, National Press Day / National Awards for Excellence in Journalism etc.

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